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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Odd Ways To Spend Days

Hey everyone! So much for that last post being the last post until the summer, eh? I did too much this week! ...Too much procrastinating that is. I have exactly two days to start studying for three Provincial Exams, yikes! The stress is only starting to build up inside of me now and yet I'm still here, typing away! This is typical me by the way.

This week, I found every possible excuse NOT to study for my exams. Of course, the only legitimate excuse was pure laziness. I did every thing from going on bicycle adventures to transforming the second half of my closet into a secret reading den. (Curtain to cover it up and everything!) Oh geez, Camille. It would be selfish of me not to share these pictures, seeing as this might just be the weirdest post any of you read in awhile, so here they are.. hahah!

Well this is me and my bike. I decided to go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood since it's Summer, and I ended up finding a farm! I promise to explore this place even more AFTER exams!

I also painted pictures with the kids in my basement. *Sigh* I wish I could do relaxing activities like these more often.

And finally, here are the photos of my reading den. I don't know why but it looks awfully small in this picture. It's really very cozy and comfortable in real life. My clothes cover up the entrance of my reading den, so it's as if it doesn't even exist!

I also went to the local library today to pick up a few books. I really needed something to feed my burning wanderlust right now.

I can't wait to see what Summer of 2011 has in store for me! Some extraordinary adventures I suppose? :)

See you all in a bit. Time to hit the books!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pre-Summer Post

Hey everyone! This won't be the easiest thing to do, but I'm going to attempt to sum up two weeks of activities into one long post. I had a pretty busy few weeks, but that's all about to end as Summer is, well pretty much already here! The official "last day of school" was last Thursday everyone!! The school year went by so quickly! Actually, high school in general is going by so quickly! Two more years everyone :$

I wonder what I'm going to do this Summer... Hopefully find some more local adventures, maybe a Summer job? It's too bad I won't be going to the Philippines after all for the Mission Trip. It would've been the highlight of my High School years..

On June 3rd, I scored some free tickets to the Hooligans in Wondaland concert featuring Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae and Mayer Hawthorne!! Thanks Tita Naida for an amazing night!

My next two weeks or so were spent touring my other aunt around Vancouver. I never really thought I would get tired of going downtown, but after that film project, and having so much family come here to visit... I wouldn't be able to stand going downtown again this month...

...Unless of course, the VANCOUVER CANUCKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!! The whole united with the whole city feeling that I felt during the 2010 Winter Olympics is back and bigger than ever! So excited for game six tomorrow! Believe in Blue!!

I also went to Eat! Vancouver with my family on the 11th. The admission to get in was $16, but it was totally worth it, seeing as the $16 was paid off by all of the free samples given out that day. Haha!

The rest of that day was spent on the grass, enjoying the Summer breeze. :)

It's crazy how little I'm writing for this post compared to my other posts! Usually my posts and my pictures even themselves out. I guess I forgot a lot of what happened since the range of this post is so wide. In case anyone wanted to know about my day, I pretty much went to two masses: The Grad 2011 Commencement Mass and the Confirmation Mass. Still blinded by so many red gowns, it reminds me so much of High School Musical! In the end, I received two gift cards today for helping out. That's more than I usually receive for Christmas!

The next few days will be dedicated to studying for my final exams. I'm actually pretty thankful that my exams are so conveniently spaced out this year! Four final exams: Math, Science, English and Socials. I have plenty of time to study... Which also means plenty of time to waste. My study habits are horribly messed up. If you know me well, you'd know that I can't study until the very last minute - And I do better when I study last minute as well! My study habits are as follows:
  1. Start studying the day before the exam
  2. Study straight until 2AM only taking breaks to eat
  3. Take notes on EVERYTHING- do not miss a single point because it might be the mark determining question
  4. Read over once or twice
  5. Sleep
  6. Wake up at 6AM
  7. Read over twice...
  8. Good Luck Camille.
Every single year, I've found this method of mine to work the best. I know probably every teacher out there is against me on this one but hey, it gets me in the 90's! I guess I'm just so much more motivated to study when it's the day before the exam. If I even dare to try studying before, I don't end up remembering anything.

I don't know if I'll be back on to make a post anytime before exams are over (June 28) so please wish me luck on my finals, wish the Canucks luck on their game and let's just hope everything goes well till the OFFICIAL start of Summer! Until then, I'll be anticipating the debut of The Tree of Life!!