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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Du Sucre

Yesterday (Monday), my Marketing 11 class went on a little field trip to White Rock Beach.
Why the beach is called White Rock? Self-explanatory.
What marketing has to do with the beach? Let's just say "lots".

Quite a fun day if you ask me. I was reluctant to go at first too!
The day was spent venturing the beach, climbing the White Rock, watching the crab-fishers do their stuff, conversing with strangers and feasting on ice cream and wings.
This was the first time I put my new camera to use. Hope you like the pictures! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sun Made Them Squint

Technically, it's Monday morning as I write this.
Trying to fit in another small blog post before I start yet another busy week!

On Saturday we celebrated Bella Elyise's 17th birthday. The day started bright and early with a long transit ride to Shabusen Japanese and Korean Restaurant downtown. Hooray for being unable to finish all you can eat food, and secretly packing it because there was way too much to waste!
After lunch, we walked around for a bit, window-shopped and bumped into an interesting protest. The remainder of the day consisted of a good rest back at Rosabella's house.

Happy Bithday Belle!