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to dream, to discover, to spread joy and light, to love all of creation,

to glorify and magnify the Creator.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today, I had a sudden realization that school isn't a sufficient enough distraction from my mind anymore. If anything, it only seems to add pressure to it. Every little thing constantly encircles it. And really, how much more pressure do I need when half the time I'm awake, I can literally feel my head throbbing. I don't even know how I am still standing and functioning the way I am. I need more days where I can bask in the sun and explore and just forget everything. The spirit of adventure seems to be the only thing that keeps me going. It's the only thing that assures that a drop of creativity remains in me, without discouraging me or putting any effort. I need more sunny days. I need more freedom. Please.