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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Summer Of Firsts

I'm back! It's a little weird to think that I took such a long, almost two week break from writing in this blog. I thought that I'd be on the computer the most this week, of all weeks since I was home five out of the seven days; A lot more than my usual one out of seven days average so far this summer.

Last Thursday I finally checked off, "First Sleepover," on my list of things to do this summer. I have been allowed to have people sleepover at my house, sleepover at a cousins', or sleepover for school related activities for as long as I can remember, but this was my first sleepover at a friend's house for fun. Vanessa and I spent the night preparing 86 jelly sandwiches for an organization her brother created called C.A.R.E. - Creating A Real Equality. We wanted to add a little personal touch to the sandwich bags as well, so we made little cards of kind words and quotes that we stapled on to the bags. At 8AM Friday morning, we got up to personally give out the sandwiches.

On Saturday, I went to my first Anime Convention in Vancouver called, The Spring Festival. A summer of firsts as they say! It was a smaller convention so we left quite early, but taking pictures with all of the cos-players were way worth it!

We later went downtown to grab a bite of some delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes at the cupcake store.

Today was the only day of this week that I actually went out of the house. Rosabella and I were planning to take a lot of pictures today, but the gloomy weather ruined our plans. Instead we took the skytrain to Metrotown, where we still couldn't find anything to do. In all honestly the highlight of our trip to Metrotown was eating delicious Mrs. Field's Cookies.

Rosabella sure knows how to focus a camera, haha!
We ended up leaving the mall early and decided to go on a long walk instead. According to Google, it takes the average person an hour and 20 minutes to get from where we started walking, to our destination. Being much slower walkers than the average person, it took us a little bit longer. I'm still pretty proud of how far we walked. It felt good to be outdoors for a change.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Joandy for the Blogger Luxury Award and Hanna for the Best Blog Award! <3

*Sigh* Summer's moving by so quickly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post Camping Adventures

Hi everyone!
Although we were very limited for time, I'm back from a great day downtown with my homies; Sheren, Christine and Nikki. Heck, I'm starting to miss downtown. I remember being there pretty much every day for two weeks straight, back when I was working that end of the year Drama project.

I finally got the chance to wear my Tacky Tommy Hilfiger pants today. I planned on wearing these a while back, but certain conditions weren't suitable. Ie: Weather, Stanley Cup Finals, Canada Day etc. If you look closely, the pants are labeled with different states.

We spent most of the day on Granville Island taking pictures, browsing through booths in Lonsdale Quay Market and, I can't believe I'm going to say this... Planking. HAHAHA, I just laughed at myself again for saying that. It's actually pretty fun watching Christine plank. I've never actually done it before. I think i'll save my first "plank" for a very special place.

If any of you don't know what planking is.. Here are some pictures.

If you're wondering what the point of planking is, well, I don't really know.

As for that camping trip, all I can say is Mosquitoes! I have bites all over my arms and legs. Not a whole lot of pictures to share because all I really did was walk around the campsite and make vlogs with my cousins. Unfortunately, I won't be able to upload the vlog because my computer is too dang slow to process mov files. I guess we'll just have to wait for my future laptop. (TO ARRIVE IN AUGUST) In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my cousin in a t-shirt and shorts, while I'm in a long everything jean ensemble, trying my best to avoid the mosquitoes.

To end things off, I'd just like to say Hello to Ina and Megan in Chicago!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

About to Doze Off

Hi everyone!
I'm honestly so tired right now. I feel like crawling into my bed and going into a deep sleep hahaha. I just came back from another busy week. *Sigh* Next week is all booked as well. At least I'm not melting on my couch at home all summer though! I thought I'd make a post before my camping trip this weekend, since I haven't made any recent ones.

I went over to my friend Paula's house this weekend at 6AM. Her house is pretty far from mine, so public transit wasn't really an option for me. The only ride I could catch was my dad, who left for work at 6AM. Paula and I pretty much watched movies and fell asleep until 11. We later decided to go thrifting. I only had $20 on me, so I only managed to buy four things. 3/4 were denim, hahaha! I pretty much broke my mom's heart when I came home. She hates it when I thrift, but it's irresistible when you find something you'll never find anywhere else for less than $5.

That'll probably be my last thrifting experience until I'm 20, seeing as my mom made me promise her never to thrift again.

The same day, a big box came in the mail from Abercrombie. It turns out my mom went on ashopping spree in the clearance section of the Abercrombie website. My whole family can fit Abercrombie. (The tallest one of us..My only 5'3) This is what my mom bought for me.

The last two days of the week were spent with my friend Vanessa, who I share a Tumblr account with. Yesterday, we went on a biking adventure deeper down into the farms by my neighbourhood. Overall, it was a pretty good day, besides the sweat and tan lines. Today was a little bit gloomier in terms of Vancouver weather. Vanessa and I spent the day trying to find a job for the summer. No more thrifting means more money needed for clothes! I highly doubt we'll find a job now that it's halfway into the first month of summer, but it doesn't hurt to try!

So anyways, I should probably get some Zzz's before the big camping trip tomorrow! See you all on Monday!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freedom; Not So Distant

Hi everyone! Heck, I'm extremely glad to say that I won't be taking exams for another six months or going to school for another two months. I managed to complete the 10th grade with a 92% average and the Drama award. Pretty proud of myself, my average seems to get higher by 1% every year haha! Anyways, I just came from the busiest first week of Summer ever! There isn't a day since the end of my last exam that I haven't gone out. This year, since I'm actually allowed out, I plan on making the absolute best of my Summer.

A few hours after my Math Exam, Angelica ( and I headed downtown to watch the premier of The Tree of Life here in Vancouver. The movie only plays in two theatres here, so we went all the way downtown just to see it. The movie has a 5 star rating, but I guess it really depends on the person. Since I spent the night studying, I pretty much fell asleep during part of the beginning and part of the end of the movie, but I still got a good glimpse of what it was like. The movie is really long and a little hard to understand, but the actual cinematography was beautiful. Actually, may I say Jessica Chastain is beautiful?! Everything about her is just.. oh my gosh. After reading the synopsis of the movie, I finally understood it a little better and learned to love it. If any of you plan on watching the movie, I suggest reading the synopsis first. After walking around Stadium-Chinatown for a bit, we went off to Metrotown for a little bit of window shopping. I think Zara and Chapters was where it's at. The best stores in the mall in my opinion!!

I spent the next day at my friend Emma's house for her birthday. Her yard is the most amazing thing ever! There's so much space to just roll around; It's perfect for Summer! We plan on camping out there sometime this Summer, I think? There is also an abandoned barn by her yard that I had the biggest urge to explore hahaha :)

July 1st was Canada's Birthday! My family spent Canada Day at a yearly celebration in Cloverdale. It's filled with concert performances, parades, booths, games and my personal favourite, rides!

On the same day, I attended my friend Diane's 18th Birthday party. Hooray for nights of eating, and dancing!

And.. To end of my week my cousins and I explored a small community called Steveston. It's really close to a bay, so there are a lot of people who park their boats by the harbour to sell seafood. It's a pretty small town so while our parents were out bargaining for fish, we went to a few cafes, thrift stores, book stores and gift shops in the community.

I should probably head on to bed now. I actually just came back from the longest bike ride of my life. My cousins and I went deeper into the farm area by my neighbourhood and found some pretty neat paths and such. Maybe I should take pictures next time. Why do I have a feeling the rest of my Summer is going to be jam-packed with biking?

Hope you all are doing well and having a Summer as great as mine!!