An online journal created to seek meaning and purpose, to feel,

to dream, to discover, to spread joy and light, to love all of creation,

to glorify and magnify the Creator.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Holy geez, creative release in any of its forms nourishes the desires of my heart in a way that no other worldly shenanigan can. Despite the stress that I had to endure earlier today, (worrying about practice times and seating arrangements...sigh) the latter part of the day was pure bliss. There's something about not having deadlines and being productive nonetheless that feels so free. Anyways, as of yesterday I am officially 18. Feels no different yet feels different at the same time. But praise God!! I am so incredibly grateful. I will remember red velvet cookie cakes from Burnaby, opening gifts in an empty theatre and getting attacked by an owl. This year was ample in new things, hardships, growth, strengthening and discovery. I am so excited to see what else You have in store for me!! On to the next chapter.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I keep encountering one good week after another and it's compelling me to believe that I've reached yet another inflection point in my life. This time, it's concave up and for that I am so so grateful!
Frick, I can't believe I just implemented Calculus into my writing. I take Applied Calculus for a reason, and that reason is to learn Calculus, not to use its lingo in my posts. But no matter, the important thing is that I'm learning and using something that I've learned! Hooray!
Here are some photos to commemorate another blessed week.

Clear skies and trips to SFU Burnaby are a good combination
I'm finding that my prayer time has been insufficient lately and so I'm taking the initiative to write letters to my Father every night instead as a prayer. 
Reminders are always welcomed.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


You know, my life has been abundant in blessings lately. It's impossible for me to even look back at the past week and remember a day when I wasn't showered in graces from the Lord. 
I just wanted to say thank You.
  • For the beautiful sunrises that You have placed in my path every morning, that allow me to recognize Your presence in my life. You are always there and it is simply but strongly comforting that I can be assured that You will never leave me. I love You so so much. 
  • For the return of my love for exploring and photography - even if it's just through my phone. This week has made me feel alive. 
  • For my new service role and household. For the challenges I will face and all of the things I have learned and will learn from all of you. For your uplifting greetings on GroupMe. Thank you.
  • For my CCO Faith Study with Chantal and Caitlin. You have opened a new world for me. I truly look forward to every Friday so that I can enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting down with two people, sharing laughs and talking about our weeks. You have made this semester bearable.
  • For my friends who have altered their schedules and made way so that they can attend my cotillion practices. For their toleration of my constant nagging. And for the joy that they bring to my home whenever they come by. 
  • For my friends. Especially Angelica, Kim, Ina, Vanessa, Chantel, Rosabella, Paula, Kuya Mike. You have shown me such love and care. Thank you for taking the time to check up on me and  and for always being the wonderful support system that you always have been and that I am confident I will always be able to fall back on. I love you guys so much. Alissa, thank you for going out of your way to take me out, go to mass with me and fill me up with love. I will forever cherish our car rides, going to Vancouver, step class and Surrey Lake together. Madeleine, thank you for our weekly Thursday meetings and our talks about our life dreams. You provide me with so much hope. Angela, thank you for wishing me good days. Your morning greetings are extremely powerful and uplifting. Abby, Ynna, and Erin, for the constant encouragement and reminders that I desperately need to keep going, thank you. 
  • And lastly, for my family. Mama and Papa, you have provided me with the most perfect, living example of what I need to strive to be like. Thank you for exemplifying Christ to me. Josh, for being of no trouble to me at all. Ever. You were only ever a help in my life and always did what I asked of you. I am so lucky. And Therese, for listening. Truly listening. and being the one person who knows me inside and out and still has not abandoned me. I love you so much. 
The fog is slowly moving out and allowing me to see more and more clearly. I can appreciate once again.
Brb. The empire is under renovation. But the rebuilding process has started and is well on its way. And for that, I'm thankful.