An online journal created to seek meaning and purpose, to feel,

to dream, to discover, to spread joy and light, to love all of creation,

to glorify and magnify the Creator.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Celebrating 50 years of my father's life. Here's to the most patient, humble and loving man in my life.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

T'was a lovely way to end the week with the best company and a new set of odd stories to add to my collection. Here's to morning mass, ripping my shirt, snorting out water, Google map errors, awkward men asking to take our photo, used book stores, Ferrero Rocher flavoured bubble tea and a new found appreciation for chicken and Steve Rogers!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Just a short two-photo post because I actually went out and used my camera today! I've been struck by a positive wave of motivation and inspiration and I hope to document it here for myself, so that I have a means of looking back at the memories I've created, as well as a reason to push myself to take on new projects and unlock my potential. With a new year and a new mission for this online journal, I plan to do just that: "To seek meaning and purpose, to feel, to dream, to spread joy and light, to love all of creation and to glorify and magnify the Creator." Here's to what's He has in store for me!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


An ambivalent task lay ahead of me when I awoke this morning. It was around 7:20 am and the earliest I have ever been up all of winter break (aside from when I just don't sleep at all). I took the early start as an opportunity to clean the part of my room that I always neglect during so-called "room cleaning days" - my closet.
Funny thing is, I always equate cleaning my room to cleaning my life, so why I continually refuse to clean the messiest part of my room is beyond me. I finished cleaning my closet at 3pm. It took a while, but I did it! Nonetheless, closet cleaning isn't necessarily the task I had in mind when I opened this post. I was more or less intimidated by the endeavour of New Year reflecting and resolution-making.
Turning the last page to the best story I have ever written still ties my stomach into knots, but I am grateful anyway and psyched to write the sequel.

Here's to:
- Student Council Executive 2013. To skipping classes to tally votes or count money. To hardcore filming days and editing nights. To our failed balloon drop. And to the incredible bond we all shared. Team. 
- Graduating. To all the debuts this year. To preparing for Artonas. To grad spirit weeks and going all-out. To taking the best friendship photo S/O to Nate, David and Paula. To getting asked to Grad on my glowing overpass x fireworks x flowers. To shopping for grad dresses. To "getting ready for the night of nights". To setting foot on willow tree grounds for the first time ever. To twirling around in our dresses and genuinely feeling like a princess. To grad gowns that were the exact replica of HSM's. To each time I was able to walk across Chandos during commencements. 
- Adventures. To van trips with Robert and Paula (Lighthouse park and Allouette Lake). To trips to Port Kells during lunch S/O Elizabeth and Robert. To WTNC Jesus Expo x seeing shooting stars x being a fool for God. To my first time overnight camping with friends for Paula's 18th. To watching the sunrise at 5am at White Rock, sitting through Legally Blonde the Musical in the pouring rain, watching the English Bay fireworks for the first time S/O Paula, Mike, Jeff. To sneaking out of the house for the first time ever x2. To Tynehead Overpass. To Green Timbers. To Menchies. To Chocolate Crinkles. 
- Ambitions. To opening La Braderie - the first legitimate self-owned store that I have always dreamed of having. To getting accepted to University. To passing calculus!! 
- Firsts. To my many firsts this year. 
- Growth. To my new household. To my old household. To Mr. Prescott. To suffering. To exponentially growing in deep and utter love of Christ. To the most difficult and by far, the best year of my life. To hope.   
- Inspiration. To every book that has captivated me, to every post I've written, to every photo I've taken and to every piece I've painted this year. 
- New things. To learning how to study, how to paint, how to bake, how to make rice, how to live, love, sacrifice, forgive and let go. 
- To each and every person who has moulded me into who I am.

Here's to it all.