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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post-Trip Syndrome

Hi everyone!
I don't know if I'm jet-lagged or if my sleeping pattern is just really this messed up, but it's almost 7am and I'm still awake.
Since my seven hour upload to youtube worked, I guess I'll take the time to talk a little bit about my trip to the Philippines that took place these past 30 days.

First and foremost, here's an excerpt from my journal - that I had originally planned to write in, but it didn't exactly work out. (Go figure)

This feeling is unreal. To think that I could be in one place place one day, surrounded by familiar every day sights, and after a 12 hour trip through this portal, comes a new adventure just waiting to happen. I could honestly just sleep this whole flight as I'm an impeccable sleeper. The only reason I'm up at five in the morning is because I choose to enjoy my own company in peaceful silence. It's no wonder I was awake while this plane was asleep, and snoring away while this plane was awake. So far, this plane ride has been quite enjoyable. I feel like Anne Hathaway on Princess Diaries as I write this. I also enjoyed the experience of flying first class, and gazing at the ice cream looking clouds like in A Whole New World. In an hour or so, I'll be out of here, back into the portal and into another world. All that's left is to wait.

I apologize for my complete lack of dedication to any form of journal. Sigh. Instead, I'll attempt to summarize the rest of my trip.

To my surprise, the heat in the Philippines was quite bearable. In fact, the Summer's in Canada might even be up to par with it. I guess I'm only saying this because I was in front of a fan or in an airconditioned vehicle/building most of the time. I will truly miss late nights with my Tita's out and about in the heart of the main city. Nothing feels as blissful as evening cruises down the highway, and staring up at an ebony sky with visible stars. The stars in Vancouver are always hiding!! I swear we went out literally every night to get Serenitea (A sort of bubble tea shop) or stroll around Ruins (Somewhat like the Richmond Night Market). Speaking of driving, the traffic and the driving in general was crazy! Four lanes would develop in a two lane street. The streets were narrow as heck. If I knew how to drive, I would probably get a heart attack just by watching. Also, seat belts aren't necessary and having 20 people in a van meant for eight is perfectly normal there. Talk about lack of discipline. I was also darker than everyone there. Curse my easily tanned skin. Contrary to popular opinion here in Canada, I would rather be lighter skinned. Then again, I guess it's because typical humans get tired of what they're given and like change. Every single commercial and product in the Philippines was for skin whitening or for growth by the way. (I'm the complete opposite of what the ideal is there :( )

Aside from my thoughts about the Philippines culture (summarized in one word, I'd say "Free"), I was also able to get a taste of... I guess I'd call them "Once in a lifetime experiences". I felt like a total daredevil, pouncing at every opportunity there was to do something that I'd never done before. I only wish there was more time to do more.

Hope you enjoy this video that, I guess, exhibits a lot of what I did there. There's also a short clip of some of the flooding that I saw while I was there. Watch it in 1080p or else my waiting seven hours for a video upload would have been a waste!!


Good Morning everyone!