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Sunday, June 17, 2012

La soie et la dentelle

Dearest self and whoever else comes across this post. 
I'm currently sitting on a squeaky, nuisance of a chair that won't stay upright and I must say it's pretty downright annoying. 
I've been working my way through a year's worth of Math notes for two hours now and I've barely made it past the first unit. 

Anyways, I've decided to take a break. Hopefully after this post, I'll be able to trigger my usually motivated and productive-under pressure self. 

The sole reason I'm here today, cramming before an 8:30 exam, is because I spent half of yesterday sitting in the back seat of the car. I absolutely adore long drives because they allow me to think - taking me away from the busy, on-the-go atmosphere I usually find myself in. Also contrary to popular opinion, I'm quite fond of the overcast and rain-filled weather here in the northwest. It's calming and makes the whole "thinking time" more movie-like (and so is looking out the window and seeing mountain after mountain pass by!)

The other half of yesterday was spent buying gifts for family in the motherland for when we visit in the Summer. Just thought of it makes me feel giddy, haha! That's okay. Two more exams until Summer Camille, go go go! 

Before the hectic Christmas-like gift buying began, my family decided to eat out at the Eagle's restaurant buffet in Tulalip Casino and Resort. This is a huge stepping stone from our usual McDonald's runs by the way! As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Chocolate and Oreos. 

Annnddd along with the gift-buying, I scored a few things for myself. Unfortunately, the photo misses a lot of the details :(

And in case you missed it in the photo above, a trip to the States isn't complete without a new journal/notebook. If you know me, you'd know how many empty notebooks I have lying around... but I couldn't resist. I'm sorry. On the bright side, what better time to start a diary than during a trip home!? I'm anticipating the whole "Princess Diaries feel" of writing on a plane Ha! Also hoping this quote, as the very first thing in my diary, motivates me to do many things this Summer!

Once again, I'm sorry dear blog, that I've been reluctant to take my camera places for the past few months. After exams, I promise!