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Friday, August 23, 2013


Still haven't gotten around to writing a post about TNC 2013, but I promise dear self, that I won't hold it off any longer than tomorrow. There are too many memories and little NTS' that are far too valuable not to write about and refer back to. 

To sum up post-conference week, I've pretty much been living in a euphoria of 'the little things' - which to me is days and days of walking through greenery, the redvelvet-cakebatter-mochi at Menchies, taking the road less taken into Narnia, baby rabbits, climbing giant rocks, walking through haunted movie theatres, illegally parking to take evening shoreline photos, belting out to Ed Sheeran in a van full of memories, walking down a straight road, walking into a dust cloud of cow poop, hipster paintings, eating 250 calories worth of popsicles and doing cartwheels in dresses.

Current status: not tired and tempted to take an evening stroll in this Oregon-bound hotel.
But I think I'll pass on that today and listen to a Skype call of adolescent boys and a Madeleine instead.

Life's good.
I'll be back tomorrow.

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