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Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Favourite Word

I was dubbed "Free Spirit" by Gabe a few months ago. And even after being called that, I have never once given that statement a second thought, let alone actually consider myself a free spirit until fairly recently. It's funny how deeply that has resonated in my mind and that as I realize it now, it always has.

On the 23rd of March in the year 2011, a 14 year old Camille set out with the aspiration to do something meaningful, something purposeful... Honestly I just wanted to do something great in life. Initially, I created this blog because I was astonished by the greatness I saw in fashion and travel bloggers. Their lives held so much beauty and excitement. A 14 year old Camille could only dream of one day emulating the lives they held and were able to document and share with the world.

I still remember the exact day in Spring Break 2011 that I created this blog entitled, "Distant Freedom", in Therese's house, leaning on the wall beside the staircase. I took four hours to come up with a name and design the template with my grade six acquired, amateur HTML skills. Crazy how the name "Distant Freedom" had no significance in my life at the time, but how prominent the word "Freedom" must have already been in order for 14 year old Camille to title her blog as such.

Eight and a half years later, "Freedom" has become my favourite word. And my whole life has revolved around that one word and everything that encompasses it. It's quite amazing how rooted and wrapped in Love the notion of freedom is. Freedom. A choice. A gift God has given us. In the freedom to "say a whole-hearted, unconflicted, gratitude-driven 'yes'", comes the greatest love.

This all probably makes very little sense right now, but I guess as I finish up the book I'm reading (Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend) and before I dump out my mind in the form of 1000 posts - all related to freedom, I'm going to mark this day as the day that I choose to accept freedom for what it is: a choice. Today, I verbally (textually, in this case) state that Freedom is no longer distant. And in the pursuit of discovering who I am and what my personal purpose is here, I will exercise my God-given freedom as much as I can - because really, that's the only way I can truly discover me.

I'm changing my blog url and name. pzbewitchuu Distant Freedom.

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