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Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi! Long time no see. Today was unexpected. I was honestly expecting today to be your usual, boring, lazy school day, and it was! To a degree. The only part making today different from every other day is that it went by so quickly. Yes, I know it was a late start, but for some reason it seemed to go by quicker than usual. The science test that I was freaking out about was exactly like every other test I take. They always start with panic, followed by relaxation and in the end, I just stop caring about the test, and move on with my life. After school, Paula, Junessa and Belle came over and we bussed in the rain. Here are some pictures. Oh, and I don't know whether or not I should be sorry for having such short posts lately. Maybe it's a good thing since Belle can't stand reading long posts. Maybe it's a bad thing since Emma reads every single word when I write. Either way, I'm lazy so here are some pictures!

As you can see, all of us but Junessa can't cut Egg Pie properly...




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