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Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicken Kill-Joy

The only picture I took today sorry. Here's the girl who
was driving a car without having her hands on the wheel.

Hello erry'one! Today's Friday, and the first Friday where I haven't incorporated the word "Friday" in my title hahaha. I don't know why but I always seem to get disappointed when Friday comes. Friday is a good thing, but it ends so quickly. Once Saturday approaches my head begins to think, "Hey! Tomorrow's Sunday! Already." It just sucks to think that the weekend ends so freaking quickly. One second you'll be glad you have a break, then the next second you stress out and realize you need to do your Monday homework. They expect us to enjoy and live, but they never really give us the chance to do so with all this work that's piled on us. What happens if we die tomorrow, yet the only thing we've done is school? What kind of life is that .. I don't know. (Get ready for rants)

Wow. I'm depressed. Again, I am home alone at 11:45PM on this Friday night. I've been recently noticing that I have been rejecting all of the opportunities for fun that have been coming for me. I'm sorry everyone. I really want to come, I just always feel so tired. I actually just woke up from a four hour nap. I really would have been at the Spring Formal or at a family party at Clarence's right now, but nope. I'm here in front of the computer, as usual. Everything just sucks. When will something new come into my life? I've been trying so hard to make life fun and exciting by joining activities, but my life just keeps getting more and more stressful. I honestly feel like quitting everything, but I can't bear to see the look on my disappointed teachers' faces.

I just always feel bad. That's why I'm always accepting favors that I don't really want to do. I have so much to do already, yet I'm doing something someone else is supposed to do just because "I feel bad." I hate it when someone has to copy homework (constantly). I don't mind when it's because you forgot once or twice, but when you're just lazy and you didn't do your homework because you went out and enjoyed your day, while I spent it finishing the homework, and you come to me and expect me to let you copy? How is that fair that I'm suffering and you're having the time of your life, but we both get the same mark? This isn't in specific to anyone by the way. It's just a really long, general rant about people.

Did I mention that I hate human selfishness? I know I'm guilty of it and to be honest, we all are. I just hate how we are born as humans with this inner greed and selfishness. If we didn't have this, the world would be so much better and we wouldn't be having to deal with all of these issues that we have. Without the human desire to want everything, we would be so much happier. We wouldn't be gossiping about the girl we're jealous about if we didn't want what she had. We wouldn't have to make abort babies if we didn't care so much about what people thought of us, and the hardships that are going to face us. We wouldn't have to worry about the whole global warming and energy saving thing if our industries cared more about the Earth then the money they're making. Honestly, these industries are so corrupt. Humanity is so corrupt it's disgusting. Some people are constantly trying to make a change, but there's always that little bit of natural human greed and selfishness that kicks in. People keep saying that they want the world to change, but they let other people do all the work. There wouldn't be any problems at all if we cared about love more than our self pleasure. If we actually loved as one world, we wouldn't have problems like world hunger or wars. I am such a freaking weirdo. Sorry for the rants. Have a great Friday night partying erry'one! I'll be here in front of my computer, worrying about human selfishness or whatever.

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