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Friday, May 13, 2011

In Our Lifetime

Hey everyone! As promised, I'm back with pictures and fun experiences to share. So yesterday, I went to Victoria for the second time this month. It's a little weird going out so much, since I usually only go to Victoria once a year, if I ever go at all.

What we did...Basically, I'm part of my school's reverence for life team. It's a team that is 100% Pro Life. I am a really strong believer in this cause and I believe that we will be able to make abortion illegal again in our lifetime. Abortion is a violation of the human right to life. It sucks how the humans in their youngest form can't stand up for their own lives. That is why every year, we head over to the capital of our province to walk and take a stand against abortion. The human life starts from the moment of conception. At that point in time, every human should be respected. If we don't get to choose whether or not someone gets to keep their life, then it should be the same way for every child. We need to take responsibility for our actions to prevent this from happening. Life is a gift. We need to cherish it and respect it.

Then again, you all have the right to your opinions as well and I completely respect that. I'll just have you know right now, my stand on this is not going to change hahaha. Just stating where I stand, that is all!

Anyways, Victoria's a pretty neat city. Apparently it's the "Most haunted city in Canada." All I really see when I think of Victoria is a city of old, street stores that you wouldn't really ever see in the urban-ated areas of Surrey.

After the walk/march, the reverence for life team was given time to roam around Victoria. This time, we found so many little antique stores and boutiques. Pictures to share, coming right up!

Russell Books Used&New

Ditch Record Store

Head Over Heels Shoe Store

Has anyone heard of "Bensimon Sneakers?" Ina Roque and I will be the first in Surrey to have a pair!

We were also given time before the march to roam around and explore a local park/beach area in Victoria.

Did you notice my pinstripe pants?

Overall, the yearly Victoria trip is always amazing. I wouldn't miss it for anything! Although we all had to wake up at 4:30AM and arrive home at 9:30 PM, it was all worth it.

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  1. you guys look really cute!! seems like a great experience, keep it up girl!! check my new post if you have time:))

  2. thanks sam! i use filters sometimes but not always. usually, i just adjust color balance, curves and such. :)

    glad you had a fun experience again in victoria. i love book stores... & that seems like a great one!


  3. Your pictures are really great! the book store looks really fun