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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It All Begins Today

*Sigh* I think the introductions to all of my posts will have something to do with exhaustion, as a result of busy school weeks. Although all of my weeks are pretty much always crazy, this week was a little bit different. As you all know, the past two weeks have been devoted to working on my Socials project: Attempting to make a "patchy" quilt and touring my home town. I'm glad to say that my Socials project is officially finished! 26 paragraphs on British Columbia, a quilt and whole days dedicated to taking pictures in two weeks is pretty good, I think!

Other than my time consuming Socials project, my week was also dedicated to preparation for my school's multicultural day. As a member of the school's Mission Team, we had to spend the whole Friday setting up and making food for the school. I'm pretty sure the proceeds go towards our trip in December to build houses in the Philippines! Three of my friends and I also participated in our school's multicultural talent show. All went well as we received second place! Too bad it was a competition though. I'm really not huge on competitions. Usually the Multicultural Day show is just a showcase of talents..

In case you were wondering about how my interview went, it turns out it wasn't an interview after all! It was actually a group information session, where we all sat around a meeting table and learned a little bit more about what we have to do if we are accepted. We were also required to take a test on basic Math and English (which I didn't think was that easy at all.) All in all, they took 250 applicants and narrowed it down to 40 - those who went to that group information session. Those 40 will then be narrowed down for the actual interviews...which I just received a call to attend this afternoon! Praise God! In the end, six will be chosen for the job. I'm pretty sure I'm blessed enough to make it this far anyways, so either way I'll be good. Wish me luck and prayers for my real interview on Tuesday everyone!

Hoping all is well with everyone!
Thanks for reading!


  1. goodluck with the interview!! :) I will have one myself today also!! So i know how you feel! :D great photos btw!

  2. thanks! good luck on yours as well! :)

  3. i love your smile, so fresh, nice pics!!!

  4. cute outfit - really love your scarf. good luck for the interview!

    -fb X