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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Hi everyone!
Super short photo-journal post because the only actual going out I did this week was attending birthday parties.

Vanessa and I spent the day in downtown Vancouver and on Granville Island. The day actually started bright and early at 6am, because I had no other ride to her house but my dad, before leaving for work. We took the skytrain at 8am, where the only people that seemed to be taking public transportation were business men and women who were headed to work. Once again, we did some fine shop browsing, and came across a super cool hammock shop! The store associates were very friendly and kindly took a picture of us relaxing in their hammocks. The rest of the day was spent wasting time, eating crepes and setting up for her party. Coldstone ice cream included!

The second birthday of the week took place at Ina's house. We were fed a huge feast of quiches, shrimp, quesadillas, cheese sticks and spaghetti, all from Costco!! The day was spent catching up with friends on our summer vacations, watching scary movies (The Midnight Meat Train!) and of course, eating again.

To finish off my post, I would like to announce that I bought a pair of sneakers this week! Ina and I have been wanting a pair of Bensimon sneakers since our trip to Victoria in May. With the help of my friend Clarence, I managed to score myself a pair of $15 Bensimons!! (Yes, I'm so poor that I can't even afford to buy $15 shoes..) Anyways, I was actually so happy because these shoes went for $70 in Victoria. I called Ina up right after I bought them and she got herself a pair as well. I believe there were only two colours left and both were in our sizes. Talk about luck!!

I should probably head off and start packing now.
Next entry: Roadtrip down the West Coast #3! (Seattle, Oregon, San Francisco)


  1. woooow this looks awesome, that buffet! MMMM! delish, and i love both your outfits, especially the cutoffs! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) visit again soon xxx

  2. Hammock store located in my favourite place in Vancouver?! LET'S GO.

  3. beautyful girl with a great smile<3

  4. Hammock store, WHAT? WHERE? I need to go! haha :)

    Sometimes early starts are the best, it's nice to people-watch/creep... I prefer people-watching ;) Also, birthday parties are always fun, have fun on your next adventure <3!

  5. you always seem to have the best outings! love your photo journals :)


  6. The hammock swings look adorable! Great photos, looks like an awesome week of birthdays!


  7. love the 1st picture! seems like so much fun. i've always wanted a hammock in my garden. lol.

    don't you just love birthday celebrations? hehe
    can't wait for the next post!


  8. LOVE these images! sounds like an awesome time :) have fun in Seattle!!