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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hi guys! It's been two weeks since my last post.. Wow.
It's been so long that I don't even remember what happened last week, oh my.
Since my last post I have had three phone calls for job interviews, a job interview, a sleepover, a family trip to the beach, work, and a relaxing day off spent on Granville Island.

Before the week started, my family had a little picnic at Harrison Hot Springs. Overall it was a fun-filled relaxing day of swimming, catching little fish, burying people in the sand, paddle boating and playing with my cousins' new dogs Sojou and Emily.

The rest of my week, other than my one day off, was spent at work. I completed my work experience in a big outlet store in Central City called Urban Behavior. I was a little bit nervous to work retail because of all the stories I've heard from my friends about coworkers gossiping on new employees, but I was proved terribly wrong. Working at Urban Behavior was the best first job experience ever. Other than the sore feet after standing in the same store all day and the intense hunger, it was a delight! My coworkers were the most amazing people. They were all so helpful and welcoming. I'll surely miss working there!

As for my day off...
Well, let me just say that it was a very laid back day spent with beautiful people. I left the house at 8AM since we wanted to start the day off early. We then took the bus from Vancouver to Granville Island and ate brunch in the public market.

The rest of the day was spent browsing through shops and boutiques and lying on the grass at Ron Basford Park near Emily Carr University.

To finish the day off we held a campfire and roasted some marshmallow's at Angelica's house.

Hope you're all having an amazing summer!


  1. wow you've been busy! glad to hear the work experience went well :) beautiful photos and that dog is so cute!

  2. aww cute! & will do, lets make plans! P.S. I have to take you to Community in Gastown, their prices are pretty good compared to True Value Village and Used! (:

  3. looks like a lot of fun, have a great summer!!

  4. you always have the most enjoyable photo diaries!! so jealous and looked like so much fun!


  5. cute! :) xo

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  6. cool photos!!

    love the outfits!!

    I'm having a DESIGNER DRESS GIVEAWAY on my blog

  7. you and your friends and family are so cute! sounds like you're having a really lovely summer, that pic of your little bro in the sand is adorable:P xxx

  8. I love everything about the first picture (the colouring). You're so pretty!

  9. These photos are so cute! I love your white cardigan in your beach photos.


  10. Oh you are so darling :) I love your smile, it's absolutely contagious. I have NEVER been to Harrison Hot Springs, and I call myself a Vancouverite, ha! :p

    Do update more please! <3

  11. Beautiful post! You are so cute! Check out our blog and follow us,we'll do the same! M.C

  12. OMG that puppy is absolutely THE cutest!