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Sunday, April 15, 2012

le sommeil

Lately, I've had a knack for sleeping in on weekends. We've received such beautiful, not so rainy, weather here in Vancouver these past few days, but I've deliberately refused to go out to enjoy it. I'd much rather sleep in until 4pm, making up for the immense lack of sleep that I get during the school week. It seems as though the only time I go out during the weekends is Sunday mass. I feel incredibly unprepared for this upcoming week consisting of my first shifts at a new job :), three tests, one field trip, and just oozles of homework. All very exciting and nerve wracking events!

In other news, I invested on some new jewelry pieces this week! Couldn't resist on spending a dollar on each of these beauties! Hopefully, with the new job, I'll be able to save up for a new lens before I head to the motherland this Summer.

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