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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lust for Life in Technicolour

Hello! As you can see, my family is all packed up and ready hop onto a plane and take off tonight. Excitement is raging inside of me. I take delight in the smell and atmosphere of airports, it's the smell and atmosphere of adventure. Yes, Angelica, I used the word. I often find myself spending the early hours of dawn rummaging through pages of travel magazines and web pages, aimlessly admiring each corner of our planet. Being less than a 48 hour flight from anywhere in the world, I can’t help but yearn to discover everything that our planet has to offer. I take every opportunity I get to be able to walk into the airport and admire the busy, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles of people who are acquainted with this every day. How lucky they are to hear the comforting sound of luggage rolling on the loading bridge, and witness the anxious faces of new immigrants and blissful smiles and tears of reuniting families on a daily basis. Tonight, I will be a part of that experience and just the thought of that makes me squirm. 

I apologize for a spam of posts for the next month or so. Ina insists that I update her about my trip, but I honestly have no will to create another blog to add to my collection. So I guess, since this blog was supposed to be a so called "travel blog" anyways, it's my only resort.

The past few days could only be described as paradise on Earth, as I attempted to make the best of my last July days in Vancouver. Thursday was spent bike trailing through Fleetwood with Paula and Therese. It was quite the work out, bearing in mind that I haven't had physical education class for the past year.

Yesterday was a day of exploring and ball-parking each of our routes. Angelica, Robert, Ceej and I finally fulfilled our long awaited, eight month planned, trip to Nando's. For dessert, we each had a refreshing cup of frozen yogurt from Menchie's. Being the explorer he is, Robert took us to a park he found by "driving around". Apparently he went HAM after he got his license LOL. There, we enjoyed the lion-looking sunset, the mud between our toes, and the lightning storm that was taking place across the bay. 


My freedom has definitely taken a giant leap this past year. Summer isn't even half over, but I can already say that this is the best it's ever been.

Hope everyone's having just as much fun!

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