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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sunny f/16

Three more days until I depart from my beautiful, British Columbia to head off to the motherland. I can't seem to decipher how I feel towards this particular trip. I have developed such a deep-rooted love for both of my "homes"- each so different, but both bearers of such special places in my heart. Although a month is incomparable and unable to make up for the five years that I've been away from the Philippines, I will surely miss my family, friends and Vancouver in general, dearly. 

Sigh. Thinking about my trip has made me realize how much packing I've left for the last minute, how many speeches I still need to write for each family reunion/birthday/celebration, and how many songs I need to practice and memorize. There's always tomorrow, right? 
On the brighter side, I am psyched to set foot on an airplane again. I'll finally be able to quench my long-time thirst to travel, and to document the culture there (if it hasn't already been taken over by American culture). 

Less about that, more about today! I know I've already posted photos on instagram and facebook, but if you're cool enough to stumble across this blog, feast your eyes on some exclusive photos! :) 
This past week we've been blessed with flawless summer weather, day after day. Unfortunately, the lazy side of me has been telling me not to haul my camera around and I've been stubborn enough to listen to it. - BUT Lazy Camille, no more! 

In the efforts to preserve some of my Summer here in Vancouver, I've done my best to make time for each of my friends before I leave for the Philippines. Today was definitely a day worth mentioning. Although it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, sometimes simple is best! A spontaneous picnic with Ina was enough to keep a smile on my face for the day. Even after missing my bus and having to wait an hour for the next one, the end was definitely worthwhile.

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  1. ahh yes, I'm so excited to see your posts while you're in the Philippines! I think the difficulty to find internet will make it more exciting