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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Literal Compilation of Love

Stumbled upon my neglected blog today and decided it was time to pay a visit. 
I need more reflection time in my life.  

I've been besieged by a great deal of negativity lately and yes, sometimes it does get overwhelming.
But even while walking through the night, the path can be found and darkness can be conquered with a mere keychain flashlight.
As I approach stable and secure ground, I challenge myself to reach out as far as mes petits bras (arms, not bras) can extend and pull others out of the mud;
to illuminate the path;
to shed and share the light that I have acquired.
I want to be your keychain flashlight.

I am immensely grateful for whatever it was I faced earlier because although the possibility of me getting reeled in still remains, I am that much stronger having come out of it and that much more able to win any following rounds.
The feeling of freedom and surrender has stuck by my side as my shield and has done its duty of repelling everything that has charged at me.
+5869485769458 XP for you Camille!!!

In the hopes of keeping this up I will continue to:

  • Not sweat it. My best is enough. 
  • Keep balancing school and play (drawing, hiking, writing, climbing trees LOL)
  • Keep doing morning and afternoon walks/jogs
  • Keep up with daily rosary


Hooray for life lessons.

In addition to my previous post "A compilation of love", I have finally found the time (and motivation - laziness kills!) to compile every single warm fuzzy/palanca I have received since grade seven (or at least, managed to find) into this notebook.
Finding a use for another empty notebook is so gratifying!! (My pretty stationary fetish kills as well and has led me to own 10's or 20's of empty notebooks.)

Yay Grad Retreat Warm Fuzzies <3

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for providing some of the most amazing memories and contributing to the diary that I keep track of through Facebook photos. (I am too lazy to post and blog about everything)

Within the past two months, thank you:

  • The two Agape walks I went on
  • Student Council Executive 2013 Dinner at The Keg
  • The Pacific Region Spring Formal
  • The Field of Innocence
  • Grad Spirit Week (Men with Paula, PPG with Sheren and Nikki)
  • Grad Water Fight
  • Grad Skip Day with my mama
  • Grad Retreat with the best discussion group
  • Drives and catch-ups with Angelica
  • Downtown with Sheren and Vanessa
  • Spontaneous Lunch in Port Kells with Rob and Lizzy
  • Oregon with the Fam
  • Metro, Mochi, Mcdonald's with Paula and Kuya Mike/Bridge with David, Nathan, Shane, Josh, Kevin, Eryka
  • Everything with Sheren and Eryka
  • Drives with Jeffrey
  • Metro with Therese and Ina
  • Climbing trees with Therese
  • Movie with Nanay and J-anne
  • Vow of Silence
  • Multicultural Day talent show with Paula, Belle and Junessa
  • M7FH 
  • Senior Sleepover
  • Main Street, VPL, Lucy's and McLeod's with Ina
  • Sleepover with Chantel and Ina
  • UBC with David, Nathan, Ian
  • Serving at Kids Day!
  • Golden Ears Hike/Bobby Sox with Paula and Rob
  • Press Team bonding downtown
  • Being in choir for the first time since grade 8
  • JCRU
  • Every Wednesday catechism class
  • CFC-Youth
  • Every bike ride, jog, walk
You have kept me sane.

S'all for now!

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