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Thursday, July 7, 2011

About to Doze Off

Hi everyone!
I'm honestly so tired right now. I feel like crawling into my bed and going into a deep sleep hahaha. I just came back from another busy week. *Sigh* Next week is all booked as well. At least I'm not melting on my couch at home all summer though! I thought I'd make a post before my camping trip this weekend, since I haven't made any recent ones.

I went over to my friend Paula's house this weekend at 6AM. Her house is pretty far from mine, so public transit wasn't really an option for me. The only ride I could catch was my dad, who left for work at 6AM. Paula and I pretty much watched movies and fell asleep until 11. We later decided to go thrifting. I only had $20 on me, so I only managed to buy four things. 3/4 were denim, hahaha! I pretty much broke my mom's heart when I came home. She hates it when I thrift, but it's irresistible when you find something you'll never find anywhere else for less than $5.

That'll probably be my last thrifting experience until I'm 20, seeing as my mom made me promise her never to thrift again.

The same day, a big box came in the mail from Abercrombie. It turns out my mom went on ashopping spree in the clearance section of the Abercrombie website. My whole family can fit Abercrombie. (The tallest one of us..My only 5'3) This is what my mom bought for me.

The last two days of the week were spent with my friend Vanessa, who I share a Tumblr account with. Yesterday, we went on a biking adventure deeper down into the farms by my neighbourhood. Overall, it was a pretty good day, besides the sweat and tan lines. Today was a little bit gloomier in terms of Vancouver weather. Vanessa and I spent the day trying to find a job for the summer. No more thrifting means more money needed for clothes! I highly doubt we'll find a job now that it's halfway into the first month of summer, but it doesn't hurt to try!

So anyways, I should probably get some Zzz's before the big camping trip tomorrow! See you all on Monday!


  1. this blog is too lovely.
    im following you now dear and you are invited to visit my new blog.

    have a nice weekend.
    xoxo, Paula.


  2. Aww you're so adorable dear :) My mom hates when I thrift too, I compromise and only buy brand new items at thrift stores, and when I go vintage hunting, I try to look in consignment stores. What I recommend is to go shopping in your friend's closets ;) You never know what you'll dig up! The biking adventure looks like you had a blast, I can't wait to do that soon!

    P.S. I went ziplining up at Grouse, Whistler also has a zipline :)!

  3. love those flower tops,you guys always look way too cute, have a nice weekend!!

  4. Lovely pics! Love all the outfits you're wearing :D

  5. i love this! stunning!

  6. aww, the photos are so adorable!
    I like the one with the flower in the hair.
    Love your outfit!

  7. Cute pictures! And NEVER give up thrifting!

  8. very cute. thrift shops have the most amazing finds. loving the daisies

    following for sure,
    check me out at

  9. You're look is so cute! Nice blog!