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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Summer Of Firsts

I'm back! It's a little weird to think that I took such a long, almost two week break from writing in this blog. I thought that I'd be on the computer the most this week, of all weeks since I was home five out of the seven days; A lot more than my usual one out of seven days average so far this summer.

Last Thursday I finally checked off, "First Sleepover," on my list of things to do this summer. I have been allowed to have people sleepover at my house, sleepover at a cousins', or sleepover for school related activities for as long as I can remember, but this was my first sleepover at a friend's house for fun. Vanessa and I spent the night preparing 86 jelly sandwiches for an organization her brother created called C.A.R.E. - Creating A Real Equality. We wanted to add a little personal touch to the sandwich bags as well, so we made little cards of kind words and quotes that we stapled on to the bags. At 8AM Friday morning, we got up to personally give out the sandwiches.

On Saturday, I went to my first Anime Convention in Vancouver called, The Spring Festival. A summer of firsts as they say! It was a smaller convention so we left quite early, but taking pictures with all of the cos-players were way worth it!

We later went downtown to grab a bite of some delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes at the cupcake store.

Today was the only day of this week that I actually went out of the house. Rosabella and I were planning to take a lot of pictures today, but the gloomy weather ruined our plans. Instead we took the skytrain to Metrotown, where we still couldn't find anything to do. In all honestly the highlight of our trip to Metrotown was eating delicious Mrs. Field's Cookies.

Rosabella sure knows how to focus a camera, haha!
We ended up leaving the mall early and decided to go on a long walk instead. According to Google, it takes the average person an hour and 20 minutes to get from where we started walking, to our destination. Being much slower walkers than the average person, it took us a little bit longer. I'm still pretty proud of how far we walked. It felt good to be outdoors for a change.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Joandy for the Blogger Luxury Award and Hanna for the Best Blog Award! <3

*Sigh* Summer's moving by so quickly.


  1. Haha it's okay babe! Loveee the blue jacket, it's just so nice!

  2. aw my pleasure dear! lovely post!

  3. looks like you enjoyed it very well ;)

  4. honey! you met a sailor moon!! I want to met Usagi too!! hahaha.
    lovely! your outfit is adorable

  5. Wow! Great photos here! Love love love♥♥

    crunchy cheese me

  6. Oh amazing / funny photos :)
    What camerda do you have ? :O it's so cool the queality of the picutres!
    Greets! good monday ;)

  7. You look so lovely. What a wonderful thing to do as well.
    Joy xx

  8. you always do heaps of fun things! i should try get out more.. haha and love your jacket!!


  9. Wooow looks like you had so much fun. The red velvet cupcakes look absolutely delish x

  10. i love your denim jacket and cute pictures

    Travel in Style

  11. ah these are such fun pictures! looks like a super fun event :) loooove the sunnies!


  12. Love your denim picture, you have a great blog -Corbyn