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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eager to start (and finish) my school work because I want to live the rest of the week moderately stress free, and continue that habit on for the totality of the fall semester. Daily disciplines!

Quite excited to be spending my Mondays and Tuesdays downtown. Despite the rain, there was already so much beauty there in which I uncovered today alone, and so many pleasant conversations as well.

Throughout my two hour break between classes, I decided to search for More Than Enough by Dave Ramsey but apparently it's unavailable at Chapters in the entire region. Instead, I read excerpts from another book on managing moolahh and planned out my September budget.

Being a Communications student and a young entrepreneur is tough, but the two have worked hand in hand to slowly trigger a desire for change in my spending habits. I've actually developed a desire for change in many of my habits, in order to build a stronger emotional stamina, and to become more disciplined and less impulsive. This disciplining starts with how I plan (and act on) spending my money and my time from here on out.

Since authenticity cannot ever be achieved through the consumption of goods that are constantly appropriated and re-appropriated by new meanings, I've decided to give that life a break (I mean, to call it quits) and focus the "me" that I can be and have yet to come to know. The "me" that can't be defined by the articles of clothing I wear or the photos of experiences I have posted on Instagram. No one but He knows who she is and so I'll take this time to discipline myself and grow closer to Him to figure out. Discipline is good. It's a sign of strength and self-control. It brings peace, freedom and true happiness.
Those were things that were once said to me as a child. I never believed it as much as I do now.

Here's an excerpt from the book I read (with a few edits by me):

To be grounded and anchored to have incredible self-belief. 
She manages negative thoughts that come into her mind. She rests knowing the Lord is in control. She is authentic and doesn't have to impress anyone. She is driven by her goals and her spending aligns to the long term vision she has for herself. She resists temptations when presented to her. 

Authentic money is tangible, thoughtful, directed and has a long-term vision. Moving from false money toward real money will transform how you earn, spend, save, and gift your money. Money that you hold yourself accountable for is money that is directed; you are no longer putting your head in the sand like an ostrich. When you are authentic with your money, you no longer have anything to prove to anyone, You are making conscious and mindful money choices. You are very present with your money and much more self-aware. You think twice before buying anything, you no longer engage in impulse buying and you have nothing to regret. You live within your means (I'll strive for below) and are conscious of all your money choices and decisions. 
Becoming more authentic boosts emotional well-being. Your wonderful gifts and talents will shine and you will stop pretending to be someone you're not. You will start reviewing your life on a daily basis, in a mindful matter, to ensure you are living an authentic life.

Monthly Goals: 
- Planned leisure outings of 6 delegated days a month
- $60 "me" money/food money a month 
- Not to post/take pride in photos of food or material items that are above my means
- To live off of 10% of my income (idealistic but doable)
- To conduct myself in a way that would make everyone glad to have encountered me (100% chance of sunshine)
- Control impulsiveness/Budget everything: especially with regard to schedule arrangements and saying yes to everything, money and anger. Practice self-control!
- Keep to daily goals and daily decisions to maintain a slight edge. 

Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses. Who the heck are the Joneses in my life? Idek. They're irrelevant. Impress Him instead. 

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