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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey Me.
This is literally just a post to me and from me, reminding myself to take the time for self-reflection every once in a while.
Call it a "Clearing My Mind" (reference to the origins of my Tumblr in grade 11) post if you may.

  • I misplaced (or someone stole) over $50 from me today and I feel oddly calm about it. Not sure whether I should be worried that I'm not worried about my own lack of responsibility. But a part of me feels like wherever that is right now, it's in whoever's hands God wants it to be in.
  • I used to think a lot. And I used to think I was insane for doing so. It seems like I don't have time to think anymore. Slightly worried about that because I like to think that opinionated-but-open-about-everything Camille is a huge chunk of my personality gone missing. And besides, positive self-reflection is so necessary in order to internalize smaller details, recognize the abundance of blessings, and highlight areas that need growth. 
  • I live in a hopeful world. Praise be to God. My current mission is to pass that on to every soul I encounter. 
  • Current Read: A Woman After God's Own Heart
  • I need to come up with 20 facts about me for Instagram. I knew myself so well 1-2 years ago. Now, when I think of myself, I see a white board that was wiped clean, with remnants of the ink that was untouched on that board for years and is now unrecognizable. 
  • My biggest aspiration in life is to be able to discover "me". In everything that I love, that I always had inside of me, in the new things that I am going to love, in the things that I don't love so much. The me that is everything He meant for me to be. And I can only do that with complete and utter freedom. 
  • Speaking of freedom, I drove alone for the first time today. Cruised down my favourite roads, with 103.5 in the background, playing every single Eagles song. I'll remember this day. 

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