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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful Days

Hello! Omg. I'd really like to do the Emma introduction again, but I'm afraid it'll get too overused since I'm planning to say it every day. Today was a busy day. Thank God I slept super duper early last night! I woke up today at 6am, seeing as my usual school alarm went off. I went back to bed and woke up at 8 due to this insanely busy day that was to come ahead of me. Three parties, yay. My nose was plugged and my throat was sore the whole day too, but I just can't complain.

First off was Hannah Franzel, my new god-sister's christening. I saw Mrs. Samus and Rob again! Yay. AHHA Obviously the reception would be at Oriental Buffet. According to Kuya Rod that's the "Go-to restaurant" for our family. Cheap and All you can eat.

Following that, we went all the way to White Rock to go bowling for Brother Joshua's 9th Birthday. That kid was spoiled today with a PS3 and a birthday party and he's not even 9 yet. LOL White Rock was the location chosen since both Xcalibur and Willowbrook were fully booked. Hopefully Josh had as much fun as I did. Vanilla Cupcake-Cake was great btw! Too bad the Pizza was freaking tiny as heck. Even for me!!

Lastly, we headed on down to Scott Road for JEWnessaSOULano's 16th Birthday Party!! Hooray for a night of bowling (I surprisingly got better compared to the first bowling party), and friends!! Pretty self-explanatory birthday party judging by the number of pictures I'm about to upload... Get ready :)

My White Girl MUNRO is finally on my blog :')
Birthday Girl, I, Maria, and Belle
I, Belle, Maria and Ina
+ Jessica and Ryan
+ Mads

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