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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dream Destinations

Once again, I will be stuck at home all day. During the same time that I am writing this and trying to find something amazing to do with my time, Angelica is flying out to the Golden Gate City - San Francisco. She will be trying new foods, seeing new sights, exploring different lands and taking extraordinary pictures, while I'll be scrolling pages on Tumblr. Ha no, I'll probably be great things in Granville with Kim.

I wish I could say that I do a lot of traveling, but we all know that's a lie. My family is the type to stay home during the shorter breaks (Spring and Winter) and travel during the Summer. The sad thing about my family is that they don't even have a little bit of outgoing in their blood. They aren't flexible and they only like to travel in "safe" places. AKA The Philippines, Chicago, California -places where members of the extended family live. It's always the same old. Every year they'll ask me, "where do you want to go this break?" Every year, I'll reply with France! Italy! Rome! And every year, it's the same reaction.. "Don't you want to see your cousins?" I guess that'd be really cool too, but no point in asking where I want to go right? Why can't we all meet in Paris or something? Sorry all but, Paris is like my dream destination. Not because I want to dress like a hipster and take pictures with a polaroid, but because I want to go there before I forget how to speak French! Maybe I'll go when I'm 20 or something.

Gah, for such a little person, I want to do such big things. I just feel like there's never any time or money. I know there's time right now, but what can I do in a week? Where can I go without a job? What can I do when I still have school to worry about? I feel like life is already planned. School until university, working for your family after that.. Everyone's lives are so average. When will we ever go out of the ordinary? When will there be time to "live" like they all say we should? I want to go to Africa, and Venice as well.

Anyways, I should probably go clean the mess in my closet now.. Maybe I can stick to imagining those places instead. Probably a lot easier to do. Have fun where ever you guys are going! I'll be right here if you need me, right here chilling in front of my computer.

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