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Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday. Again.

So instead of heading to Cafe's all over the lower mainland today (Wired Monk), I ended up staying home. My grandma was feeling dizzy all day so I stayed home with her and we watched some TFC, hah no surprise there! Surprisingly though,I found myself doing homework for a mere 5 minutes. I managed to complete my CAPP homework. I think i'll leave the rest of my Socials and English for Sunday evening. I also took an unexpected nap today, since I woke up early thinking I was going out. Oh how I'd like to go to that area in New West where it's all pretty and old school looking. Meh. I'm sorry Emma, no pictures of tacky pants today! I'm pretty disappointed myself.

The second half of my day was spent messaging my previous Japanese Students to see if their families are alright. It seems like all of them are fine thank God. I actually really miss having Japanese students in my house. I love meeting them, reading their letters and learning things about their culture. They always come with little presents too! Oh! Before I forget again, i'd like everyone to meet Camille Langcaon, my mini-me.

This is the little girl that my family's been sponsoring from the Phils. She's eight years old and her favourite sport is basketball. Neat stuff! At first I wanted a little Ethiopian kid, but my parents found a "Camille" and decided to go with that. I think I'm going to write her a letter today. Hopefully she understands English! Maybe I'll have to write a Tagalog translation too hahaha. Alright, so I'm probably gonna eat some sushi now. I think "Sushi Fridays" during lent is slowly becoming a tradition in the Reyes Residence. =) See ya'll

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