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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leaning Towards Freedom

The best out of the blurry pictures
Lovely, slack day today to mark off the second day before the start of the long waited, "Spring Break." Ahh Spring Break, this is time of the year that usually reminds me how quickly time flies. I remember the first day of grade 10, thinking this day would never come. There's only three and a half months until SUMMER!!

I've been noticing that I'm starting to care less about mistakes, yet still managing to keep up with work piles. I'm quite proud of myself, really. I remember stressing - even crying, over the smallest things, which obviously isn't healthy at all. We're all young, and yes school is important..but we really shouldn't take things so seriously or be too hard on ourselves. "As long as we've done our best." It's good to do things well, but we have to know when we are pushing ourselves too much. We learn from our mistakes and it's okay to make them. "Jesus teaches us that worrying is a waste of energy," right? - Totally something that was on my religion test today Hahaha.

I spent my day constantly snacking on cupcakes and goodies from the Cheerleader Bake Sale as well. Thank you Junessa for sharing your delicious rainbow coloured cupcakes, probably helped to bring up my mood so much today!! My spare was spent studying for my religion test, but it's alright because I managed to sleep pretty early last night. Religion class was spent as a discussion period. I love those blocks. Honestly, hearing about Mrs. Samus' love life and other..."questions"... is not a bad way to spend the last day one before spring break! Haha, and we all teased Rosabella that she was going to blog about this..turns out I did.

Anyways, going to take a little nap. Typical when I'm at my cousins house and there is nothing to do. See ya'll!

Matching with bbg <3
Maria Princess' famous Rainbow Cupcake

Marshmallow Brownie and Green Velvet Marble Cupcake

le souper brought home by my lovely papa!

PS. Ina and Christine, do not forget about skating!! - Thanks :)

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