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Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!

Hello world! (Emma Munro) Guess what today is? It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Everybody's looking forward to the weekend- NO STFU. Hahaha. Home alone again. No surprise there. Where has my family been going now-a-days? It seems like their always out somewhere over the rainbow, while i'm stuck in this jail cell. Anyhow, other than it being a Friday, today is also the official start of my one week Spring Break, still thankful for it.

My Spring Break starts with another pretty chill day consisting of Martial Arts, Movies and Mall with my "Life Talk Bffs - Ina and Criselle." After school we took the bus to the usual (Guildford) to eat and shop for gifts...not very productive at all haha. Money was spend at DQ and New York Fries, while baller Christine came with $100. Goes to show how saving your money really helps!! I need a job, really. At the mall, we bumped into Mrs. Samus and Rob the Husband holding hands on the escalator. Wouldn't hurt to ruin their moment just this once right? We yelled from the second floor "Hi Mrs. Samus!!" She seemed pretty happy to see three of her favourite students. (lol wtf) Rob the Husband also waved, and he seemed happy that we acknowledged him and said "Hi Rob!!" Say hello to the biggest creeps on Earth. Before heading home, we realized that our bus tickets had just expired. Being the smart kids we are, we ran to the bus stop to catch the 320. The bus driver let us on with expired tickets and we thought we were the coolest kids ever. It turns out, the bus stopped in Fleetwood and we still had to take another bus. Yay for wasted money. Overall, the rest of the day was a fun-filled Alicia Keys singing, Lea Salonga and Luan Legacy watching day. See ya'll after the break!!

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