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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Les Vacances du Printemps

Therese's Dream

Hopefully people can actually read this. Highlight of my day.

Today's probably not going to be the most "bomb-digity day ever." Trying hard not to expect a good day because well, high expectations for days have never really brought me very far. Half of my day was already spent in front of this computer, so I'm not expecting a whole lot for the next half of the day. I honestly have nothing to do.

I can't find this "IS" movie that Sheren's been telling me about. I'm so excited to watch it, but it's no where to be seen!

Oh yeah, I'd like to say that I have finally adjusted to my Canon t2i. Yes, at times I still miss my Nikon, but this new camera..along with it's difficulties has helped me to grow. Since the shutter speed and aperture options on Canon camera's are stupid, I learned to get the hang of the manual mode. Pretty big step for me. *Sigh* One day, I'm going to own the most amazing thing ever that no Hypebeast or Tumblr kid/rest of the world will have.

Right now I'm not the happiest person on earth. It seems like everyone else has been getting all of the luck lately. I feel kind of sad actually, but I have no idea where the source of my sadness is. Maybe it's just everything put together. If there's anything I've been praying for, it's for something amazing to happen. Something that will keep my mind "busy," in a good way. Something that will make up for any unfortunate situation. I need that something.

I guess to a degree, I kind've like sitting in front of this computer with nothing to do. It's a lot less stressful than running around all day to different events/meetings. I know the rest of my Spring Break is going to be a disappointment. One week is not enough. So far I have...

Spring Break 2011
  • Junessa's Birthday Party
  • Josh's Birthday Party
  • March 25th - My 7 from Heaven Sister Bonding
  • CCD/Retreat Meeting today, March 23rd and March 27th
  • Sleepover with Therese and Ate Nicole March 23rd
  • Chill with Vanessa
  • Chill with Paula
  • Fob day with Belle and Princess
May not seem like a whole lot to do, but take to notice that my Spring Break only lasts for one week, I don't like stress and I like doing nothing. Meetings = Stressful. Oh how I wish my family was the type to go on a vacation during short breaks. Then I could truly be freeeee! Anyways, yeah this was my half-day post. Hopefully the other half goes well for me.

"Peace and Love"

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