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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Retreat Part I

Hi everyone. To be honest, I'm not really in the mood to be writing on this right now. I don't have a voice, I have a huge headache, my parents are pissed off at me, I haven't watched Mara Clara, I haven't watched Kimi Ni Todoke, I have a socials test on Friday, I have to finish reading a whole book by Friday and I have a science test on Monday. None of that even matters though because Emma and Jessica want me to write, so here I go!

I woke up this morning with no voice. Sounds like fun stuff, and it was! Kinda. Other than the fact that I had an itchy throat and I was constantly coughing. Today was the day of the Grade 10 Retreat for the students of well, you know what school. It was a tad disappointing seeing as we really didn't do anything besides Stations, Food, Meditation and Mass. I was expecting more activities, but I shouldn't be complaining because at least I wasn't sitting in a classroom all day. The stations were pretty amusing. Again, not going to complain because watching personalized power point slides by your peers is a lot better than listening to the actual stations of the cross. Overall, the day went by pretty quick!

After school, Christine and I headed over to the home of our intense "Life Talks," the library. Emma, you will not laugh at this.
The original plan was to open up our textbooks and study for the socials test, but knowing us...It didn't technically turn out the way we planned. Two hours of life talk? I think so! The library trip ended with a trip to Mac's, because headaches lead to ice cream cravings. You know me.

Unfortunately by the time we were leaving, I checked my phone and was surprised to see 15 missed calls from my parents. Heck were they mad. Ugh, hello to lost responsibility and trust from parents! I guess this is goodbye to going out. I now have to call my mom right after school to tell her where I'm going. I feel so bad though because they were so worried, all because of my incapability to check my phone! (Coincidentally, just yesterday my mom asked me why I checked my phone so often.)

I think this should be long enough. I now have an internet curfew of 10 o'clock by the way, as a result of my lost voice. My parents think it's because of my immense "lak op slip." Farewell tout le monde, I need to do something productive.

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