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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Maximum Adventure

Hi all! Pretty darn good day today, starting off at 6AM. Basically, I just got home from the longest walking adventure in my life. I woke up at 6 so that I could catch my dad and ask for a ride to Therese's house before he left for work. I didn't end up going back to sleep after that, despite the fact that I slept at 2AM last night. Hello early sleeping tonight!! At around 12PM, Therese and I went to Wendy's for lunch. (Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers and FROSTY!) We went off to the library after to drop off some books and borrow some new ones. In the end, I ended up borrowing three books...
  • Photography, A Crash Course by Dave Yorath
  • Handwriting Analysis by Marc Seifer
  • The Fashion Designers Directory of Shape and Style by Simon Travers-Spencer

Don't ask me why I borrowed these books, they're just interesting that's all. Hahahahha

After the library, we walked around Dollar Park to stall for time before Ate Nicole had to come over. We probably circled that store 50 times no joke. We were debating on buying big gift bags with babies on them to home alarm systems. In the end, we ended up buying...plant seeds. (TO BE PLANTED LATER! =))

After circling the Dollar Store for too long, we decided to just go ahead and pick up Ate Nicole from her house. Yup, we decided to walk from 160 street to 152 street/88 Ave to 82 Ave. At the time, it didn't seem like such a far walk. After 2 hours of walking into complete nothingness, (we really didn't know where we were going) we gave up and sat at the closest bus stop. Thankfully, our prayers were answered and my Tita found us and drove us to Ate Nicole's house. After reaching Ate Nicole's house, we watched a little bit of Maury..then we went back out to start the long walk back. We walked along Fraser and decided to stop by McDonalds and Tim's. Did you know Tim's had a new straw wrapper recycling box!? It's GENIUS!!

The adventure ended by walking all the way back to Therese's house. Omg, I currently feel like melting into this carpet with my ice capp. My legs are dead. They're playing GTA, yay. K, Au revoir!

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