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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Day of Freedom

Hiya. So for the past few days I've been watching a whole lotta movies. Thank you papa for installing netflix on PS3!! That's basically what I've been doing all day, other than TFC and...KNITTING! Yep. I started knitting again and I don't even know why. It hurts my head so much and it's so annoying because I'm using two different sized needles. (6.5mm and 5mm) Irresponsible me lost the other pair of both. Oh, did I mention Angelica came back from San Fran yesterday?! (PS thank you thank you thank you for the bracelet and the mushed penny!)AIOEGIEGLSKFJBOUI YUP! Since she's back, today we headed out to Wired Monk to see that Fluorescent Adolescent art show.

Some of their paintings, drawings..let's just call them masterpieces were amazing! They had some really nice people and good hot chocolate as well! We all know who's coming back there after school everyday ;) At around 8:30 we went home for Earth Hour. That's kind of self explanatory haha. Here's what we did..

Typical. HAHA!

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